About Praetorian Consulting

Praetorian Consulting is a Houston-based firm dedicated to providing safety, security, and crisis management training and services. Our staff of certified safety and security experts has a vast amount of law enforcement, security, safety, and emergency management experience. We provide a wide array of services within industrial, commercial, clinical, and educational settings.

Training and Education Services

Praetorian instructors are certified and highly experienced law enforcement, security, and/or emergency management practitioners. 

Our courses are designed to be highly concentrated, practical, and employee-centered. The primary focus of each course is to help organizations proactively identify, mitigate, and subsequently prevent workplace threats. Crisis response and recovery strategies are also covered within each model.  

We offer a variety of engaging and meaningful training courses dealing with topics, such as: 

  • Employee Response to Crisis and Threat Management
  •  Workplace Violence Prevention
  • De-Escalation Training
  • Active Shooter Response

Site Security Assessments

We provide physical safety and security assessments of your organization’s facilities, properties, policies, and practices, applying principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and Defense in Depth. The objective of each survey is to provide organizations with practical, fiscally responsible recommendations designed to reduce risk, mitigate loss, and address potential threats.

When considering whether to hire a professional security consultant, it is important to remember that an appropriate security plan, combined with effective security measures and documented employee training can save your business enormous amounts of money by proactively reducing loss, managing risk, and avoiding liability. In fact, Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) is now an operational strategy included in the business plans for most successful corporations. By leveraging the expertise of a qualified Security Consultant, an organization can indirectly improve its bottom line.

It’s important to remember that a group that is not only safe, but “feels” safe, is far more stable, more productive, and overall happier.

"Safety is a basic human need. People with a sense of security and belonging are stabilized for learning, creating, innovating and producing." - John Sweeney

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