Active Shooter Response

Design and Manage Your Unique Safety Plan

An active shooter scenario is one of the most dangerous and difficult situations to handle which is why it is incredibly important to ensure your organization and security teams are properly trained and prepared. Praetorian Consultants will guide your organization in active shooter response readiness planning and teach them best practices for escape and evasion, tactical strategies, medical aid, and more.

Proactively Monitor Threats

Understanding how to recognize dangerous or threatening behavior is critical to neutralizing threats before they escalate. We will teach you the fundamentals of threat assessment, documentation, and reporting to ensure your organization has a plan in place to coordinate with external agencies to proactively engage with possible threats and reduce liability. 

Assess Your Level of Risk and Vulnerability

Effective threat prevention relies on understanding your organization’s safety and security strengths and weaknesses and optimizing your safety plan to maximize the efficiency of both. We will assess your organization’s risks and vulnerabilities and determine areas in need of improvement to help better prepare you for any escalating or emergency situations that may arise. 

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